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    Why You Should Join an Adult League

    Ever think back fondly on your glory days as a high school or college athlete? For many adults sports were an integral part of growing up. Whether you played in competitive leagues or just played at your local park with friends, sports are a great way to be active and have fun. But somewhere along the way we forgot the important role sport played in our lives. Now our daily routines are so filled with obligations and responsibilities that just finding thirty minutes to go to the gym can be difficult.

    Sports are a great way to have fun and forget the stresses of everyday life. Here are four other reasons why you should join an adult recreation league:

    • Reignite your passion for sport

    It can be difficult to work physical activity into your daily schedule, but lack of passion plays a key role here as well. When you participate in a sport it becomes apart of your life, giving you new goals and aspirations to reach. When it is out of your life it is easy to forget about your love for sport- “out of sight, out of mind”. Once the passion is back and you remember why you once loved to play that sport, you won’t be able to stop again.

    • Coaching

    Let’s face it, we aren’t always the best at being able to detect our own flaws and shortcomings in the water. Having a coach on deck who can critique our technique, and give us the feedback we need in order to improve can greatly speed up the rate of improvement. Coaching can come from teammates as well—having other swimmers in the water checking out your technique can give you the awareness necessary to make positive changes in your technique and training habits.

    • Meet new people

    Meeting new people can become more difficult through adulthood. We tend to see the same coworkers, classmates and friends daily and meeting new people just isn’t easy. Joining an adult recreation league will be the perfect avenue to meet like-minded people and establish new relationships.

    • It'll get you in shape

    Beyond the social aspect of masters swimming, the big benefit of getting in the pool for a few hours a week is that you will get in better shape.

    Working out on our own is tough as we do our best to be adults, with commitments piling up in the form of family, work, and everything else going on in our lives. Swimming provides a double whammy of being excellent aerobic and resistance training, giving you a full body workout without having to log a ton of hours in the gym. Plus, for you former swimmers out there, swimming is something you already know you like and are good at, and if there is a guaranteed way to stick to a workout regimen it is by doing something you enjoy.

    Reasons to join an adult league from:

    Dive into our master swim program for ages 18 and older! New this month, we are offering an adult swim league that focuses on endurance and speed. There are four practices per week that are catered to all swim levels! 

    Sign up monthly or commit to 6-months for a cheaper rate. Registration opens for members on Monday, February 20.

    Learn More About Master Swim

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