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    Fun & Simple Stretching Exercises for Kids

    It's important that children balance the long hours of sitting in front of the computer or in classroom with exercises. Before beginning a fitness regimen, it is suggested that they stretch their body to warm up for the strenuous exercises. Stretching exercises for kids keep their joints and muscles flexible. It also reduces the risk of injuries like sprains or cramps while increasing the range of motion.

    Check out 8 simple stretching exercises to boost your little kiddos energy levels and get them ready for exercise!

    Stretch 1

    Stretches (2).jpg

    - Tell your child to sit on the ground and bring both the soles of the shoes together. The knees should be pointing out to each side.

    - Now by grasping the ankles have your kid draw both the heels close to the body.

    - Now ask your child to slight move forward and hold to the position.

    - For a deeper stretch, tell your kid to press down the thighs with the elbows for bringing the knees closer to the ground. The stretch will be felt in the hips, groin and inner thighs.

    Stretch 2

    Stretches (6).jpg

    - Tell your child to kneel down with knees spread apart and toes touching each other. Keeping the knees together also won’t harm. Or he can try both ways to see which one is more comfortable

    - Now tell him to bend over and try to place his forehead on the mat or floor. The arms can be at the side or along the legs. Palms must be up or should be extended in front of the head.

    - Ask your child to inhale and exhale slowly in this pose. He has to hold the pose for 3 to 5 breaths.

    Stretch 3

    Stretches (4).jpg

    - Have your kid lie down on the floor, face-down with elbows to the sides. He has to tuck his chin in while lying down, and head should be off the ground. Tell him to stay in this position for ten seconds.

    - Now ask your kid to return to the beginning position as he breathes out.

    - This stretching exercise for children should be done five times a day.

    Stretch 4

    Stretches (7).jpg

    - Tell your kid to stand upright with knees slightly bent and legs, shoulder-width apart.

    - Ask him to raise his arms up to the shoulder height.

    - Now by bending the elbow, tell him to rotate the torso to the right, then back to the front and finally to the left. Make sure your kid does not twist his legs while performing this stretching exercise. The torso should be the only rotating part of the body.

    Stretch 5

    Stretches (1).jpg

    - Make the kid stand upright. Now he has to bend one knee and grasp the foot with the same hand from the same side. He can use his free arm to stand against the wall or anything for balance.

    - Now tell him to pull the foot towards the glutes, bringing it as close as he can, but without overstretching.

    - Now ask your kid if he is feeling the stretch or not. If he is not feeling the stretch, tell him to push the foot against the hand while pulling the foot towards the buttocks. This is a fun stretching exercises for kids to do.

    Stretch 6

    Stretches (5).jpg

    - Have your kid to stand with feet at shoulder-width apart. Tell him to extend his arms to the sides, keeping them parallel to the ground.

    - By keeping the back straight, tell him to bend at the hips and try to reach for the opposite foot with one hand.

    - Kids have to stretch at a gentle pace, using side-to-side movements. They can even bend the knees when going downwards.

    - Have the children return to the upright position and repeat the exercise on the other side. Try this simple stretches for kids as it can keep the muscles and joints strong

    Stretch 7

    Stretches (3).jpg

    - Start out on all fours. Spread your fingers and press your palms flat onto the floor. 

    - Ask them to lift their bottom to the sky, straighten their legs, and make an upside-down V shape. 

    - Now they have to send their heels gently to the ground, relax their head and neck and look down between their legs.


    Stretch 8


    - First and foremost, tell your kid to stand on all fours and raise his/her hips up in the air to form an upside-down V. Ensure that the knees and elbows are straight.

    - Now tell him to lift his one foot off the ground and place on the opposite ankle.

    - Ask him to lower the heel of the foot close to the ground.

    - Now he has to lift the heel, rising back up onto the ball of the foot. Repeat the exercise 5 times. This is one of the easy stretches for kids to keep the muscles stronger.

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