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    #TeamTuesday - Linda Mitchell

    This week's #TeamTuesday featured team member is our beloved Linda Mitchell! Linda Mitchell is the current Director of Public and Community Relations and oversees the NAC Have a A Heart Foundation. Linda functions as the NAC representative to the community, in addition to handling all club communications as they relate to overall club operations, senior management, charitable giving, media relations and more. She began working at the NAC in 1981 as the Group Exercise Director.  After 15 years in that position, she became Director of Marketing and Public Relations. As the NAC grew, her role has become more specific to special projects, such as communications for major expansions, fundraising, public relations and member communications.

    Fun Fact: The image above is of Linda teaching aerobics at a child's birthday party. If you couldn't already tell from the hair, outfits and old studio style, the picture was taken in the late 80's (est. 1988)! She was the first person to do a child's birthday party at the NAC.

    Learn more about Linda:

    1. What is your favorite part of your job?

    The favorite part of my job was teaching aerobics to my many, many students from 1981 up until 2000.  As I became responsible for PR and communications I learned that I loved writing and now that is my favorite part along with constantly meeting and making new friends both within the NAC and the community.

    2. How hard is it being queen? 
    It is not really hard being "Queen".  It is actually great.  There is a sign above my desk that says, "It's not easy being Queen."  For some reason I got that name somewhere along the way.  I guess that is what happens when you are the oldest employee both in terms of age and longevity.
    3. What is your proudest accomplishment?
    I am most proud of being a part of the NAC vision, which is to "Make Lives Better".  I am very, very lucky to be a big part of our charitable mission and this year helped the NAC team to raise over $400,000 for ALS research to find a cure.  In my earlier days as the Director of Aerobics, I can honestly say that I was proud of having the best aerobic instructor team in the business.  I still think that is true today and am thankful to have participated in the foundation of that legacy.
    4. How did you get into the fitness industry?
    I landed in fitness after having achieved a BFA in dance education from the University of Illinois.  When seeking employment after my first child was born, I found aerobics!  Think Jane Fonda and Jazzercize.  I came to the NAC to teach classes and the rest is history.  I never left!
    5. What would your perfect day consist of?
    A perfect day for me consists of the right blend of deadlines and long term projects.  Since I am in marketing and PR there are always deadlines and I almost don't know how to act without them.  However, the more layered and complex projects, such as fundraising and events allows me to plan and execute ideas that have great outcomes for the member experience....and that I do love.
    6. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
    This year I was lucky enough to travel to Paris, and I have to admit it was the trip of a lifetime.  I am a culture junkie and love the arts.  I also love fine dining and the French language.  It would be hard to top Paris, but I would also love to travel anywhere in Europe or South America.  I love the Argentine tango and would love dance the tango there, if only once.
    7. Aside from family, if you could invite any 3 people in the entire world to Thanksgiving dinner who would they be? 
    If I could have thanksgiving dinner with any 3 people in the entire world one would be Leonard Cohen who is in my mind that most prolific and profound living songwriter and poet in the world.  Next I would choose Twyla Tharp, a truly visionary choreographer who broke into the dance world in the same decade that I devoted my education to dance.  Finally I truly admire Queen Elizabeth of England for her unparalleled ability to bridge the tide between government and the concept of royalty as it influences the hearts and minds of all people. 
    8. What's the best gift you ever received? 
    The best gift I ever received is hard question to answer as I have received many, many gifts of value.  So let's go with the gift of opportunity provided by my many years of employment at the NAC which have allowed me to be a part of our vision and accomplishment.  

    The image below is of the "Queen" so graciously greeting all those in attendance of the My Right To Try Rally in Washington, DC on June 17, 2016.

    On this special #TeamTuesday feature, we would also like to wish Linda a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    We hope you have a lovely day, Linda! Thank you for continuing to make lives better, each and every day. 
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